Cathryn Nagler Lab


Dr. Nagler’s presentation on campus this April

How Gut Bacteria from Infants Could Prevent Food Allergy

Intestinal microbes protect against allergic reaction to cow’s milk.

The Nagler Lab Team Celebrates Cathy’s Birthday

[left to right] Shijie Cao, Andrew Thompson, Sung Min Choi Hong, Shan Wang, Evelyn Campbell, Rachel Chapmen, Matthew Bauer, Andrea Kemter, Elliot Culleen, Lauren Hesser, and Dr. Cathryn Nagler

The End of an Epidemic

The number of people with food allergies has exploded in recent years. A dream team of Chicago researchers and scientists may have figured out why, and now they’re developing therapies that could lead to…

Scientist Builds Drug Development Company Out of Research Lab

From left: John Colson, Cathryn Nagler and Jeff Hubbell of ClostraBio

Prof. Cathryn Nagler launches start up with the help of University resources

The Nagler Laboratory

How do immune cells in the intestinal mucosa distinguish innocuous dietary antigens and trillions of commensal bacteria from pathogenic microbes and mount an appropriate response to each?

Our laboratory is pursuing several different, but complementary, lines of research aimed at examining the mechanisms regulating non-responsiveness to these stimuli in healthy individuals and its abrogation in food allergy. Our murine disease models will provide the pre-clinical basis for future translational studies aimed ultimately at the development of novel immunotherapeutic modalities.

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